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We are a small and fiercely independent charity that picks big fights with companies and governments that attack your privacy, dignity and freedom.

Our independence means we never accept funds from industry and governments that limit our ability to criticise those same institutions who abuse your privacy, dignity and freedom. 
To help keep PI independent we need your support.

Even though we are a privacy organisation, we are proudly transparent about our funding. You are welcome to look at all of our accounts.

If you are a UK taxpayer and wish to increase the value of your donation using Gift Aid -- which increases the value of your charity donations by 25%, because the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you -- you can donate to PI through PayPal's Giving Fund.

If you're visiting this page because you're interested in getting a PI face mask, in order to be eligible we ask that you donate £20 or more, or set up a monthly donation of £2 or more.
Then send us a quick email to (please email us from the same email address that you used to make or set up your donation), with 'Mask' in the header. Please provide us with your name and full postal address*. We'll ship your mask within 14 days. Get yours while stocks last!

*Please be assured we will only use your postal address for the purposes of shipping the mask to you, and we will not store it in our records. We will delete all correspondence with you in relation to the face mask within three months of our last correspondence. For more information on how we process your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
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